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Symphony in Slang

Symphony in Slang is inspired by the strong characters, the physicality and the rhythm of Tex Avery’s cartoons. The extreme movement of the cartoon characters expresses their instincts, urges and emotions which are extreme versions of our own.
“Lene Boel has choreographed a pair of hip hop dancers in Symphony in Slang, a performance inspired by the extreme cartoon world of Tex Avery. With super precision the dancers throw themselves into the insanely difficult art of visualizing sound with the body. It goes completely berserk when David Boyd and Daniel ´Sonic`Rojas abandon themselves to their hip hopping stunts and energy-pumping vitality .They are pure human precision bombs. There is great substance in this performance and hip hop dance receives here a surprising new twist.”

Lene Boel, choreographer, solo dancer and dance film director.
Trained at several of the leading schools in London, New York and Holland – among them, London Contemporary Dance School. Merce Cunningham Studio, Susan Klein School, Trisha Brown Company and European Dance Development Center.
Founded Next Zone in 1997.

Artistic Profile

Instincts, the senses and emotions are the basic elements in Lene Boel´s unique vocabulary of movement. Her choreographic language ranges from delicate gesture to extreme physical movement.
Since 2000, she has worked with the cinematic universe as an exterior source of inspiration for her work .
She has achieved wide recognition for her ability to create aesthetically beautiful and integrated performances in which light, sound and dance are equal partners in creating a unified artistic force.

Artistic Director: Lene Boel
Bartholinsgade 9, 2 th.
DK - 1356 Copenhagen K
C:+45 40351437