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A visual journey inspired by Inuit culture, urban break dance battles, arctic nature and global warming.

RITUAL is a raw and humoristic dance performance about the Inuit culture and the urban breakdance environment, where dance, music and light are fused into a hybrid dealing with the basic forces of humanity.

The choreographer Lene Boel has created a unique performance where she juxtaposes Inuit culture and its relation to the magic and the animated spiritual values with the raw and urban hip hop and breakdance culture.

These two cultures has several things in common. They are both “survival-cultures” and both use the dance as a  resource to handle conflicts.
While the Inuit art has grown from an instinct towards survival in the arctic wilderness, Hip-Hop grew out the same impulse in the urban ruins of the South Bronx. Where the Inuit used the drum-dance for many years as administration of justice, solving conflicts between two parties through song and dance. Hip hop has breakdance battles, where the most negative and violent intentions transform into a characteristic and explosive artistic expression.

The result of this composition is a brand new ritualistic choreographic language, that together with the new music inspired by sampled drum-song and hip hop, and the minimalistic striking scenography has become the performance RITUAL.
RITUAL consist of a short solo performed by Lene Boel and a choreography performed by three of the best breakdancers in the world.

Behind the production is a strong artistic team: the choerographer Lene Boel, the prize winning composer Rex Casswell and one of Denmarks most outstanding lightdesigners Jesper Kongshaug.

The Production is supported by the Danish Art Council, The State Art Foundation and Culturefondation Danmark- Greenland.