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A raw and humoristic dance performance inspired by Japanese Samurai movies and cartoons with four of the best breakdancers in the world

In this performance HERO-ANTIHERO the choreographer Lene Boel describes the hero and the antihero in all of us. She looks with a rare sharpness on everything mankind really contains but not always shows.

The choreography, the music and the lightdesign are all inspired by the magic , humoristic and raw Japanese samurai movies and cartoons. Their strong physical visual universe, extreme emotional conditions and outstanding characters form the basis of the performance.
HERO-ANTIHERO fuses dynamic world-class breakdance, new music and rigorous lightdesign to create a powerfull and unique experience for the audience. Beautifull dream-like visions stand side by side with the darkest and brightist qualitys of humanity.

Behind the production are a strong artistic team: the choreographer & director Lene Boel, the prize winning composer Rex Casswell and one of Denmarks most outstanding lightdesigners Jesper Kongshaug.

HERO-ANTIHERO with its depth and humor comunicates to a wide audience of all ages.

The press wrote about NEXT ZONEs last performance SYMPHONY IN SLANG: “…..There is a great substance in this performance and hip hop dance receives here a surprising new twist. Good going!” Politiken