SHAMAN (2014)

SHAMAN celebrate human diversity and the importance of endangered cultures. Inspired by different environments and people of the world from urban breakdance culture to shamans of the rainforest indians. Breakdancers, a skating champion and a contortionist transform into animals, characters and untamed natural phenomena in extreme choreographic languages.

SHAMAN is a powerful performance, focusing on endangered cultures, their spirituality and respect for all living creatures.

SHAMAN will perform 29 April - 9 May at the Nationalmuseum, Ny Vestergade 10, 1471 Copenhagen.

Tickets: or +45 70 20 20 96
or at the entrance 1 hour before the performances begin (cash only)

Choreographer Lene Boel
Music Rex Casswell
Light design Jesper Kongshaug
Dancers Adrien Mornet, Rafael Smadja, Abderrahim Ouabou, Frederic Lataste, Xuan Le, Henna Kaikula  

The Production is supported by: The Danish Arts Council, The State Art Foundation, the Augustinus Foundation, the Tuborg Foundation, The Danish National Bank Jubilee Foundation by 1968, the Toyota Foundation, the Bikuben Foundation and the Wilhelm Hansen Foundation.